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Paradigm Shifting American Health by Mark Pettus, MD, FCAP

Most of us want to live as long and as well as possible. We want strong, healthy bodies and agile minds that maintain their ability to remember, reason, and communicate. We want to share life’s joys and sorrows with loved ones, participate in our communities in a meaningful way, and come to the end of [...]

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Embrace Life after Cancer—With Wonder and Joy

Support, inspiration and fun! That is what you will experience in this rejuvenating retreat for cancer survivors, Radiance: Create an Amazing Life after Cancer. Slow down and remember how to listen to your inner wisdom and reconnect with your strengths, joys and dreams. We offer a place of serenity, curiosity, and playfulness, all of which…

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Medical Students Explore What it Really Means to be a Healer

Leadership and Education Program in Integrative Medicine (LEAPS).

Picture a class of altruistic young medical students starting their first year of school. They each applied to school with the goal of helping people. They soon discover the limitations of their medical school curriculum, with its focus on disease care, its emphasis on interventions and pharmacology, its focus on rote memorization, and its encouragement of competition with classmates.

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Warm your Heart and Belly with this Delicious, Healthy Recipe for Buckwheat Banana Bread

Winter is the perfect time for exploring healthy baking. This delicious banana bread recipe by Kripalu Executive Chef, Deb Morgan, is one our favorites. It’s a perfect healthy snack for the kids, gift for friends, or a treat at the next staff meeting. Makes one loaf.

¼ cup buckwheat flour…

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