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Build Your Yoga Practice

Whether you are new to yoga or looking to revitalize your practice, this immersion in Kripalu Yoga provides you with the tools and inspiration you need to make yoga, and its benefits, a regular part of your life.


Tuition $400.  See accommodation options and pricing on registration page.

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Cristie Newhart is a certified professional level Kripalu Yoga teacher and a faculty member at Kripalu. She is the former Volunteer Program Manager and former Production Manager, and has taught at Kripalu for more than 10 years. Cristie is currently the Yoga Advisor for the Kripalu Healthy Living Programs and leads Kripalu Guest Yoga and R&R retreat workshops. Her passion is teaching beginning level students. A DVD for beginners is forthcoming.

Healthy Living Faculty Each of Kripalu’s Healthy Living Programs is taught by an outstanding team of skilled health and wellness professionals who draw on many years of experience working with people to turn their health around through integrated approaches to healthy living.


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The openness and honesty of our group-- the feelings of community and non-judgment at Kripalu. The amazing informative impassioned teachers. The opportunity to experience so many things. The healing arts taking my expansion one step further. The yoga and yogadance experience. I felt so alive dancing and so at peace in yoga!
– Adrienne M.

An integrative approach to yoga on and off the mat.

Whether you are new to yoga or looking to revitalize your practice, this immersion provides you with tools and inspiration to make yoga a regular part of your life. Based on the principles of being present and honoring one’s individual strengths and limitations, Kripalu Yoga offers possibilities of increased balance, health, well-being, and transformation.

Our faculty use an integrated approach designed to expand your understanding of yoga on and off the mat. You learn not only how to create a yoga flow appropriate to your needs, but also how a yogic lifestyle that incorporates meditation, breath awareness, and mindfulness can foster health and vitality. You learn how to

  • Create a yoga flow to practice and expand on at home
  • Rejuvenate your yoga practice
  • Cultivate greater health and well-being
  • Practice techniques for stress relief
  • Understand the benefits of meditation and yogic breathing techniques.

Return home renewed, refreshed, and ready to bring more yoga into your life.

Recommendations (additional fees apply):

  • Abyangha-Garshana
  • Private Yoga Session

Additional information:

CE Credits
This program is eligible for :
  • 18.5 credits for Yoga Alliance (YA), $30 additional charge
  • 18.5 credits for Athletic Trainers (BOC), $30 additional charge